Cancellation Policy

We're sorry you're thinking of leaving us!

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service out of any other gym in town. So please feel free to share your thoughts, questions, concerns, or complaints with our management staff and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible! Here for your convenience, is our membership cancellation policy:

All cancellations require a 30 day written notice from your next bill date, to ensure you are not billed further. There are two ways you can submit this proof:

1. Meet with a manager at our location to fill out brief paperwork. You can call ahead to schedule an appointment, or come in during administrative hours 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday.

2. Send in your letter, along with any other requirements listed below if you are within your agreement term, by certified mail. All you have to do is go into the post office and ask for this service, they will place a barcode on your letter so that you can track and ensure its delivery to our location. Please send all items to the following:

Powerhouse Gym-Downtown Santa Rosa

515 5th st

Santa Rosa, CA, 95401

If you would like to cancel and are in an open-ended agreement, we are able to cancel your membership simply with a 30 day written notice from your bill date.

If you would like to cancel, but are still within your agreement term, there are two ways that we are able to end your agreement early with a 30 day written notice:

1. If you move 25 miles away or more from Powerhouse Gym Downtown Santa Rosa's location, and have written proof of that you reside at that new address (i.e. lease agreement, utility bill, or employment paperwork). Upon providing this proof, an early cancellation fee is also applicable.

2. If you have a medical condition stated by a physician that inhibits you from completing the remaining term of your contract. It requires that you have a letter that is signed and dated by your primary doctor/physicain that specifically states you are unable to use our facility for remainder of your contract term.  Although you must still submit this cancellation with a 30 day notice from your next bill date, it does not require a cancellation fee.

*Please inquire with our management team about additional details to the cancellation process.