Dr. Christopher C. Dumbadse is an accomplished Doctorate of Chiropractic, practicing at our location for over fifteen years. Dr. Dumbadse specializes in soft tissue release techniques for manipulation and rehabilitation, incorporating Pilates-based rehabilitation into his treatment program to ensure maximum recovery. His treatments have returned many dancers and athletes to full performance with improved abilities to prevent further injuries. In fact, Dr. Dumbadse has treated members of Cirque de Soleil, Motorola Professional Cycling Team, Kirov Ballet, Moysiev and the Georgian State Dance Company to name a few. He has attained Pilates Mat certification from the prestigious Power Pilates in New York City.

  • Treats ankle, knee, hip and rotator cuff injuries as well as headaches.
  • Specializes in proper foot orthotic casting and pre-casting stabilization treatment.
  • Disability evaluator and qualified medial evaluator in the Worker's Compensation system.
  • Member of the California Chiropractic Association

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Christopher C. Dumbadse, D.C


M-F Hours 8am - 12pm/ 1pm-6pm

Walk-Ins welcome, some insurance accepted