Shellie Shulze

I love people. I love to make them smile and I love to laugh with them. That is the atmosphere that I thrive in. So when I started my career almost 14 years ago that's what I knew I wanted and needed around me.

I had started my journey in improving my own health in 1999. By mid 2000 I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer. It has become a passion. Being a plus size trainer has put me line to meet some amazing people and learn more about human nature than any schooling could offer. And it has been a thrill to watch people; start moving, get excited about fitness and thrive in their own progress.

I am NASM, ASFA and APEX certified. But my deepest devotion is to unstable core training. Whether you are an athlete trying to gain speed, a body builder trying to gain muscle mass or a grandparent that simply wants to stay in shape to keep up with the grandkids...unstable core training is the "multi-vitamin" EVERYONE needs.


Kimberley Charp

Kimberly has been a lifelong practitioner of fitness and healthy living. In the early 90's she earned a degree in nutrition and health and spent years counseling people on healthy eating and teaching various fitness classes. She was drawn to yoga around the year 2000 as a method to heal from a bad back injury.  She quickly fell in love with the healing and strengthening benefits of a regular yoga practice and in 2014 became a certified Power Yoga teacher. She finds tremendous joy in teaching the empowering practice of yoga and encouraging others to realize and embrace their potential. Kimberly creates a supportive and inspiring space for students to open their minds and bodies and explore their abilities. She challenges students with a strengthening practice and encourages them to step outside their comfort zone and reach for their greatest ability. Her classes focus on foundational concepts such as correct body alignment, breath to movement integration and building strength. Kimberly is also a professional dancer, and incorporates the importance of grace in movement. Her classes leave students feeling strong, invigorated, and empowered.



Angela Young Franzi

Angela developed a passion for fitness and nutrition early in life. Born and raised in Northern California, she was brought up with an appreciation forhealthy eating and an active lifestyle, which included working out in the gym up to six days per week. Angela’s enthusiasm for fitness and strength training led her to become a certified group fitness instructor over 12 years ago. Angela holds a degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University, which she has used to establish a career in broadcasting, modeling and advertising. She feels that the skills she has developed in her career have enhanced her ability to bring her passion for fitness and healthy eating to those who take her classes. Through a unique blend of constant and targeted movements, Angela encourages a higher level of strength and endurance in her training classes, while galvanizing improved cardio conditioning in her cycling and cardio kickboxing classes.

In her spare time, Angela loves to weight train, run–competing in half marathons, 10ks, 5ks and mud runs–as well as, bicycle–enjoying long organized rides, such as the 72 mile America’s Most Beautiful Ride around Lake Tahoe.

Angela feels that one of her purposes in life is to help others discover a passion for health through exercise and balanced eating habits, just as she has. She wants to encourage others to be the healthiest they can be, so that they may get the most out of life.

Angela teaches Cardio Kick Boxing.


Jo Collins

Jo Collins is an ACE certified Personal Trainer as well as a certified Pilates Mat and Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor. She holds a degree in History from Sonoma State University and two teaching credentials.  Jo worked as an elementary school teacher and teacher-trainer prior to joining the fitness industry in 2006.  Jo views fitness training as yet another teaching experience, just teaching new skills to older students, as well as a chance to share her love of movement and exercise. She has successfully trained clients from age 13 to 88 and worked with individuals with a myriad of health challenges.


Carla Greco, PhD.

Carla's passion for yoga shines through in her enthusiastic teaching style. She bases her approach to yoga and life on karuá the concept of building compassion for the self and others. For many years, yoga has help Carla grow personally and professionally, and it continues to transform her life. As both a teacher and student of yoga, she is deeply committed to her vinyasa (flow yoga) practice. Both on and off her yoga mat, Carla delights in a powerful--yet playful and engaging--approach when sharing the knowledge that she has cultivated. The practice of yoga continues to sculpt her humility, inner and outer strength, and sense of independence. With her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Carla also strives to incorporate the importance of the body-mind-spirit connection in her private clinical practice. Carla offers individualized yoga sessions at her personal studio, and this allows her to bring the benefits of yoga to those who prefer personalized attention. With her dedication to offering restorative bodywork and psychoeducational services to residents of Sonoma County, Carla continues to help clients transform their personal lives. When not immersed in yoga or her private clinical practice, Carla enjoys the ocean, hiking, gardening, writing, music, and travel. You are invited to visit her website at to learn more about the concepts that guide her personal and professional life.

Carla teaches Yoga and Yoga Core.

Jenni Ingels

Jenni is a Certified Les Mills Body Pump instructor. She holds a masters degree in Speech Language Pathology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She joined Powerhouse Gym in 2008 and gained her certification in Body Pump in 2012. She loves teaching and enjoys helping other reach their fitness goals.

In her free time Jenni loves taking other group fitness classes at Powerhouse and spending time with her husband, son, and two dogs.

Jenni teaches Body Pump.

Pearci Bastiany

Pearci Bastiany is a 6th Degree Black-Belt in Mixed Martial Arts. He was an Olympic Trials competitor, as well as a National and State Tae-Kwon-Do Champion. He posseses over 40 years of experience in martial arts and has flawlessly mastered the crossover of martial arts as a sport into the fitness industry. He has the knowledge and experience to not only teach the fundamentals of kickboxing as a self-defense tecnique, but to also incorporate heart-pumping cardio to get the most fat loss and muscle tone out of weekly classes!

Pearci teaches Wild Card Fitness and Kick Boxing.



Tristan St. Germain

 Tristan has been a fitness enthusiast for 25 years, training in gyms, freestyle sports, dance and yoga.  She is a certified yoga instructor, teaches dance, flow arts, fire dancing, and fitness classes. She is also a performer, costume designer, artist  and an apprentice training in the healing ways energy/plant medicine.  Movement Medicine is her offering, to inspire and empower  others  to discover  their own inner fire, the flame that ignites optimal potential  to live a full thriving life of heath, wellness and joy.