Powerhouse Gym's Amazing Staff

Catt Tripoli, Owner
Tina Pierre, General Manager
Tony Kerr, Fitness Director
Rima Hawkins, Membership Specialist

Catt Tripoli, Owner

Catt Tripoli has been in the gym industry as an owner, professional athlete, and weight-lifting enthusiast for over 35 years. She has competed at the highest level of professional and amateur body building, and the winner of multiple international titles and Arnold classics alike. Catt has traveled the world over as a competitor and coach for those aspiring to reach their body building goals. As a gym owner and operator for the past 25 years, she has always been relentless in her pursuit of the perfect balance of a body-building mecca, and health center for those seeking their fitness goals on a beginner level. She strives to maintain and constantly improve the customer service experience from all her employees, and demands only the best of the best for her clients. Catt also works as a master trainer for those who require a seasoned expert in developing definition and strength one muscle at a time. She is a prominent public figure always finding ways to involve herself in helping the community and local businesses. Her most recent venture has been with Olivers Market, bringing their Fit and Friendly Foods into the facility to be made available to our members, to encourage them to make healthy food choices right here at Powerhouse. Catt is also the author of the upcoming book Conscious Fitness. She lives in Kenwood with her two Bull Terriers Gnocchi and Enzo.


Tina Pierre, General Manager

As a California Wine Country native, Tina Pierre has helped to grow and expand local businesses with her expert hand and knowledge of the health and wellness industry, as well as her 20+ years of experience in the event industry.  She has not only developed a long-standing presence in the local community, but has also coordinated various charity events and tournaments to raise thousands for The American Heart Association every year. Tina is using her expertise here at Powerhouse Gym to create and manage a warm and welcoming environment for all those who enter.





Tinya DePaula, Fitness Director

Tinya has been involved with Powerhouse on and off for over twenty years. She is a nutrition consultant, body builder competitor, figure competitor, and has over twenty years of experience as a personal trainer and a NPC judge. She is ACE certified and has a bachelors in Psychology. Tinya is a wife, and a mother of two very active children. Health and fitness has always been a huge priority in her family. Tinya loves fitness and and wants to share her love of fitness with others to become a stronger version of themselves. 



Monica Ray, Membership Specialist


 Monica has been an asset to Powerhouse for over two years. She is a full time student at Santa Rosa Junior College, studying nursing. Monica volunteers at Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital. Monica is also a competitive power-lifter, her favorite lift being the squat. She states "The thing I love most about power-lifting is that its really a competition against yourself. If you can't hit a lift its no one's fault but your own. And from there you figure out what muscle is lacking, to help be able to hit a PR."