Excellent Gym

 Before joining Powerhouse gym, I had little passion around training or health and fitness. Since joining, however, the staff, members, management and (most importantly), the owner Catt have been instrumental in my personal involvement in bodybuilding and competing. The vibe at the gym is one of the best I've experienced and e veryone is truly like family. It was Catt who encouraged me to compete when I first joined Powerhouse in 2012, and who has continued to motivate and inspire me in my journey to the national stage. It really makes the difference when a business owner takes the time to get to know members and make decisions that benefit everyone as a group. 
Excellent gym, awesome staff and ownership. If you're looking for a positive gym with a great environment, this is place to be! So long as I'm in Santa Rosa, I'll be a loyal member at Powerhouse. --Bri