Dear Catt,

I want to take a moment at the beginning of the New Year and my eighty-sixth year to express my gratitude to you for Powerhouse and its programs. I am also grateful to the staff Josh, Shellie, and Jo. They have helped unlock an athletic capacity I didn’t know I had. For example, my starting bench press was a little over one hundred pounds, I now press one hundred and forty-five pounds. I have reduced my body fat by eight percent and have a personalized mobility plan that has improved my lifting performance.

As I enter my second year at Powerhouse Gym and with the support of your staff, I will continue with my new fitness goals: to further reduce my body fat and routinely bench two-hundred pounds.

I am very thankful to Powerhouse and its staff for their guidance and support.


James W. Roberts

I have been faithfully coming to Powerhouse Gym for 9 months. So far I’ve lost 33 lbs! The classes here are great and the instructors are awesome. They have been very encouraging and knowledgeable throughout my weight loss journey. The place is always clean and I’m greeted by the front desk personnel as soon as I walk in. I am extremely grateful for the daycare staff. My daughter enjoys being there and she has made some friends too. we both really look forward to coming here.

Thank you so MUCH!!

Sarah - Powerhouse Member

“I’ve gone to this gym for quite a few years. I am so pleased with Powerhouse Gym. The staff and trainers are very friendly, competent and helpful. The facility is kept clean and orderly, that’s important. And lastly, there are people ranging in age from young to senior citizens and in all shapes and sizes. There is no snobbishness either. THANK YOU!!”

A satisfied member

“This is the best gym I have ever been a member of. The gym is always clean, machines are maintained, my kids love the daycare, the staff is friendly and the trainers are knowledgeable.  I strive to make my business feel comfortable and friendly like people are coming home rather than to a restaurant.  It is good to see that Catt at PowerHouse Gym believes the same.”

Lori Hall - Betty's English Fish & Chips